Molly and Anti-Doping Sweden’s search dog activities

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Anti-Doping Sweden has for the last six years conducted search dog activities with the purpose to prepare, maintain and further develop a well-functioning detection tool, a search dog team.

Molly, a nine-year-old Springer spaniel, together with a dog handler who also is a trained doping control officer, represent Anti-Doping Sweden's search dog team. Together, they work to detect specific performance enhancing drugs, banned according to WADA's prohibited list.
This is how it works
Through Molly, Anti-Doping Sweden aims to detect substances in bags, lockers, on equipment and in the overall training environment. If Molly detects something during a mission, her dog handler will attempt to identify the owner of the object marked on. Thus, furthered assisting in guiding, and refining the doping control selection process.

Molly generates a great amount of attention and interest, both from athletes and media. The search dog team is frequently approached by people who wish to give tips, or to talk and discuss Anti-Doping activities and Molly has been featured in media both nationally and internationally. Molly has her own Instagram account (@dopinghundenmolly) where one can follow her and her team through pictures and videos from missions and daily life.